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Ask the Politically Correct!


What does SHAFTA stand For?

Politically Correct Resolution:

(Southern Hemisphere American "Free" Trade Agreement)

(My fictitious term)

(Currently incomplete due to the fact that several South

American Progressive Socialist countries have refused to

sign on to it and have created their own "Free" Trade


A  wise philosopher once said: "It ain't over until it's

over". American Teamsters and Longshoremen you're the

"Part that's being sacrificed for the Whole" by the

International Unions!

The following is a press release from the Associated Press

on October 21, 2011! (my comments in parenthesis)

LAREDO, Texas (AP) — The first Mexican carrier to

deliver goods in the U.S. interior under a long-delayed

free-trade provision is scheduled to enter the country at

Laredo, Texas, shortly after midday Friday.

The truck owned by Nuevo Leon, Mexico-based Transportes

Olympic will make a delivery to the Dallas suburb of Garland.

That's despite continuing opposition from the Teamsters union

(lip service) and some lawmakers who fear the program will make

U.S. highways more dangerous (the only excuse they could come up

with) and cost (many) American jobs (most definitely).

The truck will carry a monitoring device. The move complies

with a provision of the (1994 North American Free Trade Agreement).

(Of course with our southern border being more closely watched

there won't be any increase in drug/illegal immigrants coming

across the border - no that could never happen)

The company was also the first approved under the 2007 pilot

program before President Barack Obama's administration canceled

it. Mexico retaliated by placing tariffs on 99 agricultural

products worth more than $2 billion annually. (It was

bad before, now it's good?)

(SOP) - Same Old Politics - "I was against it before I was

for it".

In addition to the above, the following has always been a part of

furthering NAFTA.

"There are those in the United State that have been working actively with

the Communist Chinese to open and develop NAFTA shipping ports in Mexico."

"The plan is to ship containers of cheap goods produced by under-market

labor in China and the Far East into North America via Mexican ports.

From the Mexican ports, Mexican truck drivers and railroad workers

will transport the goods across the Mexican border with Texas. Once

in the U.S., the routes will proceed north to Kansas City along the

NAFTA Super-Highway, ready to be expanded by the Trans-Texas Corridor,

and NAFTA railroad routes are being put in place."


"Right now, the cost of shipping and ground transportation can

nearly double the total cost of cheap goods produced by Chinese and

Far Eastern under-market labor. The plan is to reduce those

transportation costs by as much as 50% by using Mexican ports."

(Human Events - 2006)




NAFTA (North American "Free" Trade Agreement) United States,

Canada, Mexico!

CAFTA (Central American "Free" Trade Agreement) Domincan

Republic, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras,


SHAFTA (Southern Hemisphere American "Free" Trade Agreement)

(My definition) - It can't be called SAFTA because there already

is another trade union called SAFTA (South Asian "Free" Trade

Agreement) in the forming Pacific Union (PU).

There is currently a Union of South American Nations (USNA) that

every country of South America are members of. However, I feel it

should have a name change to SHAFTA!

To contest World Capitalism, Marxist Socialist Countries have

created their own American Free Trade Agreement, ALBA (Bolivarian

Alliance for the Peoples of "Our" Americas).  The prime

mover of this alliance is Hugo Chavez, Der Fuhrer, of Venezuela. It

includes, Antigua/Barbuda, Bolivia, Cuba, Dominica, Ecuador,

Nicaragua (playing both sides), Saint Vincent, Grenadines,

and Venezuela. The Internationalists will complete the

American Union with or without these countries. Recently

there was a separate Trade Agreement between the United

States and the Countries of Panama and Colombia!

Formula: NAFTA CAFTA SHAFTA = AU (American Union - patterned

after the EU (European Union))

Formula for a One World Order - AU EU PU (Pacific Union)

= Globalization! One world without any borders or national sovereignty.
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