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I wish you a happy Holyday,

I wish you a happy Holyday,

I wish you a happy Holyday,

and a Merry New Year;

Definition of Holy:  "Worthy of absolute devotion"!

The Holyday Tree!

By L. Don Oliver

Nineteen hundred and fourty six,

In the year of our Lord,

To purchase a great northern pine,

Our family could ill afford;

Our parents blaming no one,

For our increasing Spartan lot;

Saying a prayer of gratitude,

for everything we've got;

It was after thanksgiving,

Daddy and I went into the woods;

To find the best southern pine,

Anticipation described our moods;

Finding the best tree there,

Daddy cut it at it's base;

Saying, "Thank you, Oh! LOrd",

"For your infinite redeeming grace";

The scrawny tree standing forlorn,

In the corner of our sparse living room,

It's limbs outstretched and begging;

Only added more to our present gloom;

When Mama gazed upon it,

A tear came to her eye;

Saying, "It can only get better",

"That is, if we only try";

Alas, the times were tough,

Our budget was extremely tight;

Few extras that we could buy,

Even a string of Christmas lights;

Many strands of colored paper,

Cut and pasted into rings;

They were entwined together,

And wrapped around the wings;

Several strings of popcorn strung,

Painted pine cones tied around;

Adding to the Christmas Tree,

All the what-nots to be found;

Red, White, Blue crochet doilies,

Some crocheted with all three;

Lovingly placed in strategic spots,

All around the Christmas Tree;

Many multi-colored cloth remnants,

cut into various strands;

All tied to the tree limbs,

Where the bare needles demand;

Thin strips from an old white sheet,

Icicles they were to be;

Candy canes hung with care,

All around the Christmas Tree;

When some candy canes went missing,

The tree looked so forlorn;

Mama would replace them all,

On each and every morn;

A single crocheted Angel,

Crocheted for everyone to see;

Crocheted by Mama's loving hands,

And placed on top of the tree;

Scenes with reverent views,

All colored in crayon shades;

Standing there we all gazed at;

The transformation we had made;

Mama adjusted the Christmas Tree,

Until it was standing right;

Daddy played his worn guitar,

And we all sang "Silent Night";
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