Swampyville's - Excerpt from the Swampyville Gazzette !
by Swamptown
 Swampyville's - You're the Poet!
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Excerpt from the Swampyville Gazette!

Reading between the lines!

Arrows of Deception!

By: Opining Owl

They shot their arrows,

into the air;

Where they fell,

they did not care;

No one raised to,

question this flight;

Which soon became,

the Archers delight;

When the arrows fell,

upon the unconcerned crowd;

The Archers rejoiced,

and sang out loud;

To the people,

came the real fact;

When the arrows slammed,

into their back;

The past is gone,

the future will lie;

Where the people low,

and the Archers high;
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