Kenan Thompson still "All That" among students
by Kailey Miller / CAMPUS REPORTER
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Comedian Kenan Thompson drew a crowd of students to the Auburn Arena Tuesday, Jan. 29. (Raye May / PHOTO EDITOR)
Comedian Kenan Thompson drew a crowd of students to the Auburn Arena Tuesday, Jan. 29. (Raye May / PHOTO EDITOR)
Comedian Kenan Thompson spoke at the Auburn Arena Tuesday, Jan. 29 as students filed in to see him.

Thompson spoke about the different places his career has led him, including one of his first movies, “Heavyweights.”

“It’s about a bunch of fat kids who go to camp to lose weight,” Thompson said.

The free time they had on the set of “Heavyweights” was spent in various ways. “When you have nothing to do, weed, Taco Bell and four fat kids in a Civic Honda…” Thompson said, leaving the end of his statement up to the audience’s interpretation.

The audience cheered when Thompson began talking about his days on “All That,” a comedy show that aired on Nickelodeon in the 1990s.

“It was the best times of my life,” Thompson said. “We thought we were so cool.”

Now, almost 20 years later, Thompson is currently finishing his 10th season of “Saturday Night Live.”

“SNL is the best thing to ever happen in my life,” Thompson said.

Things go wrong on the set of SNL all the time even though they have dress rehearsals, Thompson said, but they just move on and continue with the show.

“There is nothing more beautiful then when a comedian bombs on stage,” Thompson said.

Audience members said they were pleased with Thompson being chosen as the entertainment.

“I liked how he was personable with us and he wasn’t trying to be somebody who he wasn’t,” said John Sydnor, freshman in pre-architecture. “He was very real with us.”

Audience members mentioned “All That,” “Saturday Night Live,” “Goodburger” and “Fat Albert” as some of their favorite shows and movies that Thompson has been in.

Thompson said his chance to work with Bill Cosby on the set of “Fat Albert” was the dream, but running around a track in a fat suit during the middle of summer was a different story.

“I knew about Kenan Thompson since I was young and I just wanted to see him,” said Squints Lee, freshman in pre-pharmacy. “It was interesting to see how he changed, but it was definitely cool.”

An audience member asked Thompson what it felt like to follow in the footsteps of comedian giants such as Chris Rock and Eddie Murphy.

“Even thinking about walking in Chris Rock or Eddie Murphy’s shoes is crazy,” Thompson said. “Those guys are legends.”

Thompson said he would like to start his own production company some day, and legalize marijuana; however, Thompson quickly told the audience he was joking about the drug.

“The things I do are fun; it’s hard to call it a job, even though I do take it seriously,” Thompson said.

Ricky Scheuerle, UPC director of speakers and comedians, was happy with the turnout tonight and said he thought everyone had a great time.

Scheuerle said he enjoyed working with Thompson.

“He kept calling me his boy,” Scheuerle said. “I love him. I would seriously like to hang out with Kenan Thompson and just chill, because that’s something that he would be willing to do because he’s literally that laid back.”

Scheuerle estimated that 1,500 students attended the event.

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