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Thank you! I was SO very confused when I read the other comments... I saw nothing that was actually really new about the resolution (except, perhaps creating a group where the harassed can get some support and advertising that group). As I was reading the comments of the opposed, I started thinking... well, in that case... we definitely need to DELETE the anti-harassment policy, the anti-hazing policy, the Civil Rights Act, the laws that tell my boss that he can fire me if I call him an egotistical a**hole who deserves to be shot in the head... so many rules/laws that our schools, employers, and country ALREADY have in place. People - no one is trying to take away your rights. But there are limits on your speech. If what you say makes me feel like I am in danger, you have CROSSED. THE. LINE. And, let's face it, in a place where spilled beer can cause a riot, I don't think it's a stretch to say that flinging out hate speech and inciting others to do the same can be seen as causing imminent danger, disturbing the peace, etc. etc. This resolution, if passed, will be difficult to enforce. I don't think it's supporters are stupid enough to believe that it won't be tough. However, does "difficulty" equate to "silence"? I think they are following in the footsteps of those before them (*ahem* Martin Luther King Jr.) who were told that they were speaking of the impossible and who were told to shut the hell up. So I say speak on, fight on. If this resolution isn't passed, get louder. PS - please stop using silly school chants to support your argument. This is a serious issue. C'mon.
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