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I'm afraid Ben doesn't understand the No Hate Resolution. Considering the number of outraged people who did not attend the meetings, I think I understand his confusion. Let's clarify a few things: 1) Students of Auburn University have already agreed to abide by the official Harassment Policy. This is not new information and, while I agree that it can be difficult to enforce, there have been a NUMBER of Title IX reports this year alone when students have reported acts of discrimination. As per an SGA senator in regards to the initial No Hate Resolution that called for real action: "For one, in conversations with administration, the Harassment policy does extend to the athletic events and all the associated facilities. That is already the case, and legislation asking for it is redundant and unnecessary." 2) "Damn" and "hell" are not considered hate speech--unless of course you're shouting at someone that they are going to hell unless they marry a damn member of the opposite sex. Hate speech is "is any speech, gesture or conduct, writing, or display which is forbidden because it may incite violence or prejudicial action against or by a protected individual or group, or because it disparages or intimidates a protected individual or group." Basically, the resolution was referring to calling people racist/heterosexist/ableist/etc. slurs or being threatening. If one can't make it through an Auburn football game without these tactics, this resolution will be the least of his/her concerns.(War Damn Eagle!) 3) The ACTUAL resolution publicly denounces hate speech and urges the university to create a committee to come up with a plan of action (price: $0.00): THEREFORE LET IT BE FURTHER RESOLVED THAT, we, the Auburn University Student Senate, categorically denounce and deplore discriminatory, hateful and demeaning speech that creates a threatening environment and apologize as student leaders on behalf of the student body to the offended party for the hurt and negative feelings that were experienced. THEREFORE LET IT BE FURTHER RESOLVED THAT, we urge the Division of Student Affairs and the Student Government Association to form a committee, including but not limited to, Office of Diversity and Multicultural Affairs, Department of Athletics, and Department of Public Safety and Security, to seek the best method for streamlining and clearly communicating a single process for reporting, investigating, responding to and documenting all cases regarding harassment and discrimination on Auburn’s campus. 4) I wish the editors of the Plainsman would require a basic understanding of the topic presented (also apparent the the Op Ed Gloria Steinem/Feminist piece). I'm all for sharing opinions but basing them in fact prevents a lot of the salacious arguments and knee-jerk reactions and provides a space for actual discourse.
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